August 7, 2019
'One Piece' Chapter 952 Delayed, New Release Date Revealed

The One Piece Wano arc continues to get interesting as two of the Four Emperors of the Sea - Big Mom Pirates captain Charlotte Linlin and Beast Pirates captain Kaido - finally met each other at Onigashima. In the final scenes of One Piece Chapter 951, Emperor Big Mom was featured being fed by the Beast Pirates while surrounded by Beast Pirates All-Stars Jack the Drought, King the Wildfire, and Queen the Plague.

Though she's wearing Seastone handcuffs, everyone in Onigashima was scared of Emperor Big Mom, including the three powerful commanders. Luckily, it was only a matter of time before Emperor Kaido arrived. Upon seeing Emperor Big Mom, Emperor Kaido immediately ordered one of his subordinates to remove her Seastone handcuffs. After being freed, Emperor Big Mom summoned Napoleon and attacked Emperor Kaido.

The fight between the two Emperors of the Sea was so intense that the weather changed and the sky was divided in half. Unfortunately, for fans who are eager to see the continuation of the battle between Emperor Big Mom and Emperor Kaido, they will need to wait a little longer to see the upcoming chapter of One Piece. According to Otakukart, One Piece Chapter 952 won't be coming out this week. Instead, the next chapter of One Piece will be officially released on August 19, but the scans will be out as early as August 16.

"First things first, One Piece Chapter 952 won't be out next week. This is not because Oda is going to take a break but because Weekly Shounen Jump is going to be on one after this week's double issue. Jump will return to its normal schedule two weeks from now and that's when we'll get One Piece 952. However, after chapter 952, there will likely be Oda's own break, so we'll be seeing another two-week break after One Piece Chapter 952 as well."
Aside from the continuation of the battle between Emperor Big Mom and Emperor Kaido, One Piece Chapter 952 is also expected to reveal what will happen to Heart Pirates captain Trafalgar D. Water Law. To save the lives of his crewmates, Law agreed to become the prisoner of Beast Pirates headliners Basil Hawkins and X Drake. The latest chapter of One Piece showed Hawkins torturing Law with the hope that he would reveal all the information about their plan to take down Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 952 could also show what happened to Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and their allies after they freed all the prisoners at the Prisoner's Mine. After Kozuki Momonosuke showed himself, most of the prisoners who wanted to avenge Lord Oden have decided to join the Straw Hat Pirates alliance in the upcoming war against Emperor Kaido and the Beast Pirates.