'Bachelor' Battle Shifts As Tyler Cameron's Romance With Gigi Hadid Heats Up, He's A 'Distant Third' Pick Now

ABC needs to name their pick to lead the 2020 season of The Bachelor soon, and spoilers tease that a previous frontrunner has supposedly quickly slipped in the rankings for getting the gig. Tyler Cameron was prepared to propose to Hannah Brown at her final rose ceremony, and instead, he was left stunned and alone. Many figured that he would be the natural pick to be the next Bachelor, but it seems that may not end up being the case.

The Bachelorette fans know that the past week has been quite a busy one for Tyler. Hannah asked him during the live finale if he would be up for meeting for drinks, and as The Inquisitr detailed, they did just that last Thursday night. In fact, Tyler spent the night at Hannah's place before heading to New York.

Once he was in New York, it didn't take Tyler long to spend some quality time with supermodel Gigi Hadid. The Bachelorette fans knew that Gigi and Tyler had started following one another on Instagram a few weeks ago, and now it seems they've been out on two dates already.

According to TMZ, Tyler isn't entirely out of the running yet to be The Bachelor. However, insiders say that he is no longer the frontrunner. While it had initially seemed as if the gig was probably his if he wanted it, now he's supposedly a distant third.

"You may not believe this, but sincerity is really important. The bachelor has to really want to find love, and Tyler doesn't really have his heart in it and the audience can see through it."
The Bachelor fans might indeed question how dedicated the network is to choosing someone who's sincere and committed to finding his future wife. However, the perception that Tyler is more focused on his modeling career and other interests than on doing the show may not be a stretch for many franchise fans to believe at this point.
Not only that, but insiders say that the decision-makers don't necessarily see Tyler as someone who can carry the weight of being The Bachelor.
"There's a tremendous amount of juggling that goes into being the bachelor – lots of balls in the air – and he just doesn't have it."
At this point, a source claims that they would be "shocked, shocked" if Tyler ends up being The Bachelor. Spoilers tease that Peter Weber and Mike Johnson are the current frontrunners, and they're supposedly essentially tied with one another at this point.

The Bachelorette fans have been rooting for both Peter and Mike, and some would say the network has an embarrassment of riches this time around. It is possible that someone from Bachelor in Paradise this summer could slip in and steal this gig away. However, both Peter and Mike seem interested in getting the opportunity, and it doesn't necessarily seem likely that ABC would end up passing on both men.

As for the idea of Tyler and Hannah giving their romance another go, it sounds as if The Bachelorette isn't waiting by the phone. As The Inquisitr noted, Brown says that she does still have feelings for Cameron, but she insists they're both still trying to figure things out.

Has Tyler Cameron blown his shot at becoming The Bachelor? He hasn't necessarily even made it sound as if he wants the opportunity, so it may well turn out that the network shifts its focus entirely to deciding between Peter Weber and Mike Johnson. The upcoming season will start filming in mid-September, and ABC will probably announce their decision a couple of weeks prior to that.