Mackenzie McKee Joins ‘Teen Mom OG’ And Opens Up About Cheating Scene: ‘A Lot Happened Behind The Scenes’

Mackenzie McKee made her Teen Mom OG debut on Monday night. According to a recap from Us Weekly, Mackenzie’s storyline focused on finding out whether or not her husband, Josh McKee, had cheated on her.

While Josh was out at a bar with his friend, his friend allegedly cheated on his wife. Mackenzie found out about the incident and wondered if perhaps Josh had cheated as well. She confronted Josh about him lying to her about going to a bar without her and he explained what happened.

“There was no affection or anything like that there. I’m just here to tell you that I was at a bar, and I’d like you to trust me when I’m getting a few drinks at a bar… I was just avoiding the fight, and I was wrong,” Josh told Mackenzie.

While the show was airing, Mackenzie was on social media responding to fans. On Twitter, she opened up a little more about the cheating scene and revealed that there were other events that went on “behind the scenes.”

“Trust me when I say, a lot happened behind the screen. Joshes [sic] bags were packed and sitting on the door steps until I got to the bottom of it all,” Mackenzie revealed to fans on Twitter.

She added in another tweet, “If josh touched a woman, he’d be a single man in a second. I’m not dumb”

Mackenzie was introduced to fans on her Season 4 episode of 16 and Pregnant. During the episode, she and Josh found out they were expecting a baby together. She then went on to share her life on the short-lived Teen Mom 3. The show lasted one season before being cancelled and in an interview with Us Weekly, Mackenzie admitted she had an “oh crap” moment, unsure of where her life was going or what she was going to do with her time.

Mackenzie is now a “guest mom” on Teen Mom OG, and it is unclear if she will be asked to return for another season or not. Fans seem to be enjoying having her back on their screens, and Mackenzie admitted in the same Us Weekly interview that if she was asked to return, she would.

Fans can tune in to Teen Mom OG on MTV on Monday nights and catch up with Mackenzie McKee and her family, including her three kids, at least for the next couple of episodes.