‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 5: AMC Releases ‘Found Tapes’ From Among Althea’s Collection

Ryan GreenAMC

As Fear the Walking Dead gets ready to return, AMC has released a pile of Althea’s tapes in order to hype up fans. These tapes reveal stories from characters who have not yet appeared in the Walking Dead universe.

SPOILER ALERT: This article discusses AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes and wish to avoid spoilers.

The mid-season finale of Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead aired on July 21. However, viewers only have to wait a few short weeks until Season 5 returns on August 11. While this may not be a long time, AMC has just released a multitude of new teaser videos in order to get fans ready for Episode 9 titled “Channel 4.” Considering the title of the episode, these teasers are all from Althea’s (Maggie Grace) tapes.

Althea has chronicled the zombie apocalypse since it first started and viewers have regularly gotten to view snippets of these tapes. Now, AMC has released four new clips revealing five new characters from Fear the Walking Dead. Included also is a short video shot by Althea explaining her motive for collecting all of these stories.

As NocBro Nation points out in their video commentary on the tapes, it seems likely that the first video that shows just Althea talking is likely filmed more recently than the other tapes. They believe that the original tape showing Althea talking was shot after Al met Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) in the first half of Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead. However, they also believe that the subsequent tapes released by AMC are from stories that Al recorded well before viewers met her in the TV series.

Maggie Grace as Althea and Lennie James as Morgan, as seen in AMC's 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 4, Episode 7, The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now
Featured image credit: AMC

As yet, it is unclear whether or not these characters and their stories will appear in the second half of Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead. In addition, these stories might not even be relevant and are merely small hints at the world outside of the main characters in Fear. Although, as Fansided points out, regardless of whether or not their stories are relevant, viewers are still questioning what happened to the characters after Al recorded their stories.

Included in the tapes is the story of Earl and CJ a couple of mismatched survivors, Ed, who is desperate to get home to family, Clark, who is checking on his business after being in seclusion for some time, and Jody.

You can view all of Althea’s new tapes below. All of these videos are region coded so, as yet, only those coded for the U.S. can view them.

Season 5 of Fear the Walking Dead returns to AMC on August 11.