August 3, 2019
WWE News: Kofi Kingston Speaks On Real Heat With Randy Orton, Who Purposely Held Him Back In WWE

In just about one week, Kofi Kingston will put his WWE Championship on the line against Randy Orton in one of the huge title matches at SummerSlam. The two SmackDown Live superstars have been going back and forth on television, which has built up the tension and hatred between them. Little do the fans of the WWE Universe know that there is real-life heat between the two superstars and no TV angle is actually needed.

At WrestleMania 35, Kofi Kingston finally reached the top of the mountain and captured the WWE Championship by defeating Daniel Bryan. He has held onto the major title for months now, and is living a dream that he's chased throughout his entire career.

While the current storyline started with Orton earning a shot at Kofi's title at SummerSlam, it has evolved into something much deeper. Not only is WWE using things from today to build up the heat, they're also bringing up a real-life occurrence that happened a decade ago.

Kingston recently spoke with the Ottawa Sun about the upcoming match and the heat he has with Orton, which is much bigger than anyone realizes. Not only is Kingston ready to face his challenger, but he's prepared to achieve vindication for Orton holding him back in WWE back in 2009.

The New Day standing in a WWE ring.

Kingston was on the up-and-up back in 2009 when he thought that his big push in WWE was finally coming. That push ended suddenly, and he hit a glass ceiling, which apparently was all due to one person: Randy Orton.

"For those who don't know, 10 years ago — in 2009 — I was on my way to the main-event scene and I was wrestling a top-tier guy like Randy Orton. The direction it seemed to be going was I would get main events — it didn't happen. I come to find out Randy Orton had a lot to do with holding me back, using his influence to make sure I never got to the main-event scene. I've had Intercontinental championship reigns, U.S. championship reigns, tag team titles, but I'd never had a WWE championship match — not one time in 10 years (until Wrestlemania)."

Kingston never actually said how Orton was responsible for holding him back, or what was done exactly, but this is quite the interesting story. Sure, there have been storylines like this brought up in the past, but this seems truly legit and as if it is a real-life story.

Ten years ago, Randy Orton reportedly did something that resulted in WWE holding back Kofi Kingston from advancing in the company. Fast-forward to today and Kingston is the WWE Champion heading into SummerSlam for a huge match against none other than the superstar who tried to keep him down. A victory is exactly what the champ is looking for, and it won't be easy, but he now has retribution and vindication on his side.