'Big Brother' 21 Fans Campaign On Twitter For America's Field Trip Nominees With Players They Hate

The third big twist of Big Brother Season 21 is currently being voted upon by viewers following the Camp Comeback and Whacktivity Competition twists. Longtime BB host Julie Chen revealed the details behind the America's Field Trip twist on Thursday night's live episode, which has viewers campaigning on Twitter.

This new twist will take three houseguests who will compete against one another in a competition. The first-place winner will receive safety for the week, the houseguest landing in second place will receive a punishment, and the third place holder will be put on the block as a third nominee. This has made viewers of the show, most notably live feed viewers, start to campaign to have their most-hated houseguests selected to play in the upcoming competition to ensure one of them is put up as a third nominee.

Right now, Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews appear to be two of the biggest targets of viewers who are discussing America's Field Trip in their tweets. There is some difference in viewers' selection of a third houseguest, but it tends to fluctuate between Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera.

While there is a campaign to get some of the disliked houseguests voted in, there is also a campaign to keep the liked houseguests out of it. Many of the live feed viewers are nervous the "casuals" (those who only watch BB broadcast episodes) will vote for players like Nicole Anthony, Cliff Hogg, or Kathryn Dunn to play in the competition, not necessarily realizing it could hurt their game.

"Jack and jackson are gonna end up on that field trip and think we voted for them cuz we like them only to get there and realize it's a bad thing," one fan tweeted.

"The casuals better not f*** up this field trip for us. I need Jack, Jackson, and Christie to know we voted for them to be punished," a popular fan account wrote.

To vote, fans can visit CBS's website up until August 9. This means the vote for America's Field Trip will not impact the current Week 6, but Week 7 of the game. Viewers can vote up to 10 times a day, and scatter their votes among multiple houseguests, or choose one person to throw all their clicks at.

For now, it's unknown how America's Field Trip will impact the players sitting on the block in Week 7. If either of the two nominees are on the block when the Field Trip comes around, it's in the air if they will still play in the competition if they were voted upon, or if the houseguest with the next highest number of votes will be selected.

Big Brother airs every Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights on CBS.