Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron Met Up For Their Post-'Bachelorette' Drinks, But Fans May Be Left Hanging For Now

Tuesday night, The Bachelorette fans were cheering during the last few minutes of the finale as Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron faced one another for the first time since their heartbreaking split in Greece. Hannah was giddy as she admitted that she still had feelings for Tyler, and she asked if he might be up for meeting for drinks together at some point. Apparently, the two already did just that.

Us Weekly reveals that Hannah invited Tyler to her new Los Angeles place for those highly-anticipated drinks, and they connected to share those drinks on Thursday night. Brown recently left Alabama and officially moved to California, and it looks as if Cameron was probably still in the Los Angeles area after being in town for the finale earlier this week.

Some Bachelorette fans have been worried that Tyler may be hesitant to pursue anything with Hannah. It was hard to get a read on him during Tuesday's show, and some of the statements he's made since then seem to signal that he now sees the pair as simply friends.

However, Tyler seemed to perhaps be leaving the door open at least a bit when he talked with former Bachelor, Ben Higgins, and Bachelor in Paradise personality, Ashley Iaconetti, this week for their podcast. In chatting with them, the fan-favorite Bachelorette contestant said that he and Hannah didn't need to put any pressure on themselves now that they're done with romancing in front of television cameras.

Earlier this week, Hannah shared a lengthy post on Instagram and included a photo showing her with Tyler while filming The Bachelorette. She promised that their drink date would be happening, but she made it clear that fans wouldn't be invited.

True to her word, neither Hannah or Tyler have shared anything via their Instagram pages as of yet showing that they met at her place Thursday night. Naturally, curious Bachelorette fans have tons of questions about Thursday's drink date as they speculate about how long Tyler might have stayed at Hannah's place and wish they knew how their time together again went.

For now, unfortunately, it looks as if fans of The Bachelorette will have to stay tuned to see what comes next. With Hannah Brown officially living in California, and Tyler Cameron planning to move from Jupiter, Florida to New York City, a renewed romance would face some challenges. However, it looks like Hannah and Tyler have a lot of support if they do decide to go for it, and signs revealing their status should emerge one way or another pretty soon.