WWE News: Update On Jeff Hardy's Future Following Injury And Recent Arrest

Jeff Hardy has been out of in-ring action all summer, having suffered a serious leg injury at a house show back in April. The unfortunate incident couldn't have come at a worse time for the legendary daredevil either, as he and brother Matt had just captured the SmackDown Tag Team Championships, only to relinquish their titles shortly after as a result of the injury.

News of Hardy's estimated recovery time has largely been kept quiet until now. The good news, however, is that Fightful is reporting that internal sources within the company are expecting the high flying superstar to return in November.

How WWE reintroduces Hardy remains to be seen, however. Having been forced to give up their titles, the Hardy Boyz might have some unfinished business with whichever team will be champions come November. Bringing them back as a duo will not only please the WWE Universe, but they're also a popular team who are more than capable of elevating the company's tag team scene.

At the same time, the younger Hardy brother has always been a popular solo performer with main event pedigree. He still has plenty to offer the company as a babyface, and his ability to have great matches with almost anyone makes him a useful commodity -- especially when it comes to putting over younger talent.

Seeing Hardy getting back to doing what he does best will hopefully make people forget about his recent misdemeanors. The last few weeks haven't been the healthiest for the former champ after all.

Earlier this month, The Inquisitr reported that the WWE superstar was found drunk and passed out on a stairwell. This incident came just days after he was arrested for public intoxication over the Extreme Rules weekend.

As The Sun highlights, the veteran wrestler has a history of drunken incidents involving troubles with the law. Hardy has battled substance abuse over the years, which has led to some unflattering stories about his personal life making the headlines. News of him getting into trouble over drunken behavior once again hopefully won't derail his long-awaited WWE comeback.

At the time of this writing, WWE has yet to take any action against Hardy. Much like when Jimmy Uso got arrested for driving under the influence last week -- which The Inquisitr covered -- the company isn't getting involved in his brushes with the law. Therefore, it's safe to assume that Hardy hasn't broken the company's wellness policy rules.

This hasn't been Hardy's year, but it's encouraging to know that he'll return to the ring before it ends.