'The Little Couple' Family Embraces Trip To India As They Explore Zoey's Country Of Birth

Stacy Carey

A brand-new season of The Little Couple is about to start airing on TLC, but in real life, the family has been embracing an incredible and magical trip over the past couple of weeks. Dr. Jennifer Arnold, Bill Klein, Will, and Zoey have been traveling throughout the country of India; their first time back there since Zoey joined the family via adoption.

Jen has been sharing frequent updates on the family's trip to India via her Instagram page. The Little Couple family started the trip on July 22 and have been making their way home over the past day or so. Arnold's latest Instagram post jokes that Zoey and Will got "arrested" in the airport in Frankfurt, Germany, because they were too cute.

Another recent Instagram post from Jen noted that this had been an amazing return to India for the family, and she was especially grateful that they all got to stay healthy. The Little Couple fans will surely remember that during the family's first trip, where Zoey was placed with them, Jen had to fly home to Texas early because she was quite ill.

That challenging experience was when they discovered that The Little Couple star had cancer. Luckily, she's fully recovered and this trip was a chance for the entire family to explore Zoey's birth country together without the stressors of a new adoption placement and a significant illness.

It looks as if Zoey was thrilled to have this opportunity to visit her birth country, and The Little Couple crew appeared to pack a lot of sightseeing into their trip. Fans will remember that last season, they also made a trip to China, where Will was born, and it seems likely that TLC cameras were documenting this trip, too.

Will and Zoey are used to traveling a lot, as they frequently accompany Jen and Bill on various engagements throughout the United States. This trip to India, however, was a big excursion, and it looks like The Little Couple family had a blast as they immersed themselves into the country where Zoey spent the first couple of years of her life.