‘Dragon Ball Heroes’ Episode 14 Teases Universe Seed’s Power, Return Of Ultra Instinct

Can Son Goku beat the Core Area Warriors using Ultra Instinct?

Dragon Ball Heroes features Son Goku Super Saiyan 1.
Dash Toriyama / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

Can Son Goku beat the Core Area Warriors using Ultra Instinct?

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 14, which is titled “The Menacing Universe Seed! Kamioren’s Rampage!,” featured the continuation of the battle between the Universe 7 fighters and the Core Area Warriors. After a series of transformations and powerups, the Core Area Warriors clearly hold the upper hand in the fight, but knowing Son Goku, he won’t let the enemies accomplish their evil plan. Is Ultra Instinct the key to beating the Core Area Warriors?

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 14 started with Son Goku engaging in an intense battle with Core Area Warriors leader Super Hearts. After spending most of his time as an observer, Super Hearts finally decided to join the battle and chose Son Goku to be his target. At first, Son Goku seemed to be evenly matched with Super Hearts in his Super Saiyan Blue form, but in the latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, the Core Area Warriors leader started showing the huge difference in their power level.

With the help of the Universe Seed, Super Hearts managed to level up his power, and he easily defeated Son Goku. Super Hearts pinned Son Goku to the ground and punched him hard while watching the Saiyan cry in pain. Son Goku lost a huge amount of energy to counterattack, and returned to his base form.

After taking down Son Goku, Super Hearts returned to being an observer, and watched the ongoing between his comrade — Kamioren — and Universe 7 fighters’ Piccolo and Android 17. Piccolo and Android 17 managed to escape from the huge explosion created by Kamioren. With the help of Android 17’s barrier, Piccolo had enough time to charge and launch a powerful attack against Kamioren.


After noticing that the attack was effective, Piccolo and Android 17 followed up with a barrage of Ki blasts — blasts which penetrated and broke Kamioren’s armor. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 14 showed Super Hearts using the power of Universe Seed on Kamioren. Seeing his subordinate being overpowered, Super Hearts decided to interfere and lend him some strength. Super Hearts compressed a huge amount of aura into a small ball and let Kamioren absorb it all.

Kamioren underwent an incredible transformation and became a giant monster. Aside from his physical appearance, there was a noticeable change in Kamioren’s battle power and speed. After realizing that Piccolo and Android 17 were in trouble, Vegeta and Trunks decided to head to their location. Both Vegeta and Trunks joined Piccolo and Android 17 in their fight against Kamioren. However, despite having the advantage in terms of number, the Universe 7 fighters were still unable to defeat Kamioren.

The final scenes of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 14 showed a heavily-injured Son Goku giving the Universe 7 fighters a hand in their battle against Kamioren. The gigantic humanoid captured Son Goku and tried to crush him using his two big hands. Luckily, after his body took a huge amount of damage, Son Goku managed to activate the power of Ultra Instinct.