NFL News: Cowboys Owner Takes Shot At Ezekiel Elliott - Rushing Champ Not Needed For Super Bowl Win

The start of this year's NFL training camp hasn't really gone the way the Dallas Cowboys hoped it would, and that has a lot to do with their absent running back. Ezekiel Elliott is in the middle of a holdout as he looks at getting an extension which will pay him the big bucks he thinks he deserves. As all of Dallas waits for his arrival, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is taking shots and says that a rushing champion isn't needed for a title.

Last week, The Inquisitr reported that Elliott wasn't present on the team plane as they headed to California, and he's been missing from camp ever since. Even though he's not working out with the team, Zeke is looking to stay in shape, which is why he has gone to Cabo to train.

The Cowboys are moving ahead with the hope that Elliott will end his holdout and report to camp, but they are also preparing for life without him. NFL fans have seen other players willing to sit out an entire season to get their point across to receive the contracts they desire.

Now, the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff is focusing on the players who are in camp and those who are on the field. That being said, Jerry Jones isn't holding anything back when trying to send a subtle message to his star running back.

On Monday, Jones was speaking to the media at the team's training camp in Oxnard, California, and he was asked about Elliott's absence. As reported by USA Today, Jones is focused on winning a championship, and his past history shows he knows what is needed to do it.

Jones spoke of how the Cowboys won a Super Bowl in 1992 with rushing champion Emmitt Smith in the backfield. The thing is, they were the first team to ever do that, which means that it's not always a necessity for a championship.

"The point there is you don't have to have a rushing champion to win a Super Bowl. But Emmitt was the first one to do it."
CBS Sports is reporting that "things are progressing well" in contract talks between Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys. An offer has been made to the running back, and the two sides have swapped proposals, but there is still nothing solidified or concrete.

With Zeke's absence, the Cowboys need to continue practicing with a full team on the field for training camp. On Monday, Dallas announced that they had signed veteran running back Alfred Morris, who filled in well back in 2017 when Elliott missed six games due to a suspension.