Rapping Police Officer Gets Suspended In Dallas

Dallas, TX – Police Lieutenant Regina Smith was suspended for performing a profanity-laced rap song which reportedly threatens violence. The Dallas police officer performed the rap song that got her suspended under the name, Lucille Baller.

Lt. Regina Smith was placed on administrative leave last fall, but her disciplinary hearing was not held until late last week, Fox News reports. Assistant Police Chief Cynthia Villarreal ordered a five-day suspension over the rap song.

It is unknown if the administrative leave was a paid or unpaid absence from duty.The Dallas police officer is the owner of Big Rush In music production company.

Lt. Smith reportedly appeared on a video posted on the company website wearing her uniform and holding her service weapon and a bullet.

Smith reportedly made “inappropriate statements” during the video as well. The comments rapped by the Dallas officer brought “discredit” to the police department, according to law enforcement officials.

Rapping police officer Regina Smith was hired onto the department in 1988. She has most recently been working in the property crimes division. The Lieutenant’s attorney Christ Livingston stated during an interview with the Dallas Morning News that his client had served with “distinction” for 25 years.

A photo of the policewoman with a rap singer side job posted on her company’s website allegedly boasts a far different appearance than Lt. Smith projected just several years ago, NBCDFW reports. Images published of Smith four years ago depict a middle-aged looking woman with short hair.

dallas police lt. regina smith

More recent images of the Dallas police officer show a woman who appears to many as looking significantly younger with longer hair.

regina smith dallas police officer

In 2009 Smith’s husband, Sr. Cpl. Norm “Big Russian” Smith was tragically killed in the line of duty. The man known as Big Russian was shot and killed while serving a warrant at an apartment complex. Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith were employed by the Dallas Police Department. The couple met 18 years ago at the Dallas County Jail.

dallas police officer suspended

Regina Smith had this to say in an interview after her husband’s line of duty death:

“I never show affection – part of our rules are not do that – and all this time, for 18 years, I wouldn’t let him come near me when I was in uniform.”

The rapping police officer suspended for performing the allegedly violent song created the music production company after her husband’s death. The company was named in his honor.

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