Felon Convicted Of Torture Was Within Feet Of Prince George At Kensington Palace

Steve ParsonsGetty Images

A new report shares that a man convicted of torture got close to Prince George and his siblings at Kensington Palace where he was working as a delivery man.

PageSix revealed that convicted felon turned furniture delivery man Darren Benjamin, who served seven years behind bars as a result of his crimes, boasted to friends about how close he got to the Cambridge children including Prince George, the heir to the throne.

Benjamin, who was convicted of torturing a man by pouring boiling water on his back, should not be approved for the position he was holding, and an investigation is underway.

A source explains that friends were concern about the story from the felon, especially when he described the young prince as “pleasant.”

“His friends were shocked that he was able to get into the palace and within touching distance of royalty, given his past.”

A Kensington Palace official said that they are doing their own investigation into the matter which is very concerning.

“As soon as it was brought to our attention, an urgent security review was launched to check the current systems and procedures are appropriate. Pending the outcome, there will be a refined level of risk assessment for those entering.”

While Prince William has been outspoken on the topics of second chances for convicts, he is also a realist and doesn’t believe that violent convicts should have access to children and the general public on a daily basis.

A royal insider claims that the Duke of Cambridge wants to know exactly what happened, and is concerned that safeguards were not in place the ensure the safety of everyone living and working at the palace.

“He strongly believes criminals deserve a second chance once they have served their time but is concerned current security policies might not be strong enough. It’s very important we know who is coming into the palace.”

Insider sources are concerned that Benjamin passed a background check to work for a private delivery company, and that he came so close to children and the future king of England.

While Darren Benjamin didn’t directly threaten Prince George or the royal family, he is not the first criminal to get the attention of London police, shares The Inquisitr.

Prosecutors reported that a man named Husnain Rashid, 32, posted on the encrypted messaging app Telegram a note that contained a photo of Prince George, the name, and address of his school, a silhouette of a jihadi fighter and the message “even the royal family will not be left alone.”