July 27, 2019
Britney Spears Strikes A Pose In Yellow Dress For Instagram Video, Fans Think She Looks Better Than Ever

Britney Spears is showing off her new yellow dress, and fans think she's looking better than ever.

The "Toxic" singer took to social media on Saturday to show off her latest find, a form-fitting yellow dress that Britney said she picked up at Bloomingdales. She shared an Instagram picture of the dress and another video on Instagram where she struck a pose in the dressing room.

Fans thought Britney was putting off some seriously good vibes in the posts, with many commenting on just how happy and healthy she looked.

"You look outstanding," one person wrote.

"Get it girl!!" another wrote.

The posts came after a long period of uncertainty surrounding Britney's health. After she had a short hospital stay earlier this year to deal with some mental health concerns, Britney's Instagram feed has become a hotbed of worry for fans. Fans pointed out some videos where they thought Britney looked unwell, saying that her mental health appears to still be suffering even after her hospital stay.

As Yahoo! Entertainment reported, some fans even speculated that Britney's management team was posting a series of old pictures and videos in order to make it seem as if Britney was doing well amidst an unseen health crisis. Some pointed to videos where Britney gave fans a tour of her walk-in closet and appeared to be many to be acting manic.

"She's very strange. I feel like something is not right," one person commented, Yahoo! Entertainment noted.

Britney's struggles with mental health have been well documented, dating back to the now-infamous episode in 2007 in which she shaved her head bald. Just a few days later, Britney was photographed attacking a photographer's car with an umbrella before speeding away.

Britney later said in an MTV documentary that it was a "devastating" time for her as her marriage with Kevin Federline had fallen apart.

"I was going through a lot, but it was just kind of like me going through a little bit of rebellion, or feeling free, or shedding stuff that had happened, you know?" she said, via The Huffington Post.

But a series of recent posts have generated more enthusiasm for fans. She had shared one earlier in the day on Friday where she gave fans a glimpse of her workout routine, noting that she was going through a strict regiment of cardio and yoga with the hopes of losing two pounds that she had gained.