WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss Shows Off Her New Tattoos On Instagram

Before Alexa Bliss shot to fame as one of the most popular heels on the WWE women's roster, she originally set out to be a babyface in the same vein as the Disney princesses she admires. In an interview with Not Sam Wrestling, she openly discussed how much she loves Disney movies and how they helped her land her a job with the biggest wrestling company in the world.

Her early NXT days saw her portray a Tinker Bell-esque character who threw glitter over the fans and wore a tutu. But it didn't take long for her character to evolve into a more realistic villain who went on to dominate the women's roster as a conniving, opportunistic mastermind of winning at all costs.

Her love of Disney has remained intact, though. Outside of the ring, she still wears her love of the House of Mouse on her sleeve like a badge of honor -- literally. The former Women's Champion just proved it by getting some ink on her body that represents her love for the animation giant.

As noted by Wrestling Inc., Bliss took to social media to show off her latest white ink tattoos. One depicts the phrase "you can," while the other says "stand out."

According to the WWE superstar's Instagram story, the latter tattoo is a reference to A Goofy Movie, a 1995 film about the misadventures of the titular dog. In the caption that accompanied her new tattoo, she wrote "because I love Disney & Powerline."

Powerline just so happens to be a character in the movie. He's a musician who Goofy's son, Max, is a big fan of, along with the rest of his classmates. The movie revolves around road trip on the way to one of his concerts. The words "stand out" are featured in the Powerline song "Eye 2 Eye."

The meaning behind the "you can" tattoo isn't a reference to Disney, but it is positive. Bliss revealed on Twitter that the phrase is a reminder that no obstacle is impossible to overcome.

"Sometimes your brain tells you "you can't"... remind yourself "you can."
While Bliss appears to be having a lot of fun outside of the ring, the next episode of Monday Night Raw will see her try to overcome Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch. Following her loss against Bayley at Extreme Rules, the former champ will be looking to get back to winning ways with SummerSlam just around the corner.