July 27, 2019
WWE News: Real Reason Why Daniel Bryan Wasn't On 'SmackDown Live'

This week's SmackDown Live can be chalked up as a success for WWE. As noted by The Inquisitr, the show was reportedly rewritten by Vince McMahon just hours before going on air. However, the risk paid off as the ratings were the highest they've been in weeks and Eric Bischoff officially began his tenure as an executive director behind the scenes.

As a result of rewriting the entire show, some of the advertised segments were either altered or left out entirely. The most notable change featured Shawn Michaels in a segment with Dolph Ziggler and The Miz, as opposed to the commentary role he was initially scheduled for.

Another notable aspect of the show was the absence of former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. Due to the dramatic nature of the show's on-the-fly rewrites, it's easy to assume that McMahon didn't have any plans for him on the night. According to POST Wrestling, though, he wasn't even scheduled to be there in the first place.

The real reason why Bryan missed SmackDown Live has nothing to do with backstage politics either. He wasn't at the arena simply because he was enjoying some vacation with his family.

Bryan's absence has arrived at an interesting time for the wrestler, though. After losing the SmackDown Tag Team Championships he held with Erick Rowan at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view, he revealed that he'd be making a "career-altering announcement" on the following episode of SmackDown Live.

When it was time to make the advertised speech, the heel superstar didn't end up telling the fans what was on his mind. Since then, WWE has continued to tease his big announcement to encourage curious viewers to tune into the weekly shows.

As The Inquisitr recently covered, Bryan's upcoming announcement might reveal his plans to return to the single's division. At the same time, SmackDown might not be his destination.

As shown in a promo video courtesy of WWE's Twitter account, he said that he will "go where Daniel Bryan has not gone before."

The rumors going around are that he may be heading to 205 Live. As noted by WrestleTalk, a variety of sources are speculating that the environmentally-conscious heel will spread his message on the Cruiserweight show.

It's no secret that 205 Live is struggling to attract an audience. Adding a superstar of Bryan's stature is a sure-fire way to increase the viewership. On top of that, it fits his character -- he recently claimed to have joined the Tag Team division in order to propel it into the main event picture. Perhaps he'll try to do the same for the Cruiserweights.