Spoilers For Friday’s ‘General Hospital’: Harmony’s Chat With Nelle Suggests Intense Baby Wiley Shakeup Ahead

Todd WawrychukWalt Disney Television

Viewers are anxious to see Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that there will be a significant conversation shown between Nelle and Harmony at Pentonville and this seems as if it may finally set the stage for the baby swap drama to cross the finish line relatively soon.

As fans saw in the episode that aired on Thursday, Michael received two phone calls from Nelle. He rejected the first one, but the show ended as he contemplated whether to answer the second. This episode represented the one-year anniversary of the baby chaos beginning. It also marks the day that Jonah was supposedly stillborn.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show hinted that things might get intensely crazy before Michael and Jonah are reunited. Nelle and Harmony, who is starting to go by her given name of Lorraine, have been cellmates and General Hospital spoilers reveal that there is baby-related talk between them on the way.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that all of these miscellaneous connections to Wiley and Jonah are finally about to converge in a big way. Harmony has walked away from her alliance to Shiloh, and she will not want him to be successful in gaining custody of Wiley.

As fans know, Wiley is not actually Willow and Shiloh’s biological son. That baby died shortly after he was born, and Brad and Lucas are raising Nelle and Michael’s supposedly dead son Jonah. Nelle and Brad know this, and Obrecht could bust this wide open. However, Nelle has only hinted at revealing this secret in recent discussions.

During Friday’s show, viewers will see Harmony make a comment about how perhaps Brad and Lucas should take Wiley and run to ensure Shiloh can’t get his hands on the baby. Naturally, this will be quite the statement for Nelle to hear. What will she do with the knowledge she has about this complicated baby swap drama?

As The Inquisitr has noted, Michael will soon head to Pentonville to meet with Nelle. It looks like that will now air on Monday, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll make some cryptic comments about Jonah.

Unfortunately, fans shouldn’t expect to see Nelle finally come clean. However, it does seem that she’ll soon make some moves to ensure that her son doesn’t end up in Shiloh’s custody.

For quite some time now, fans have been speculating that “Wiley” may end up kidnapped by somebody as this baby swap drama evolves. Some have wondered if Shiloh might take the baby and go on the run, but others have speculated that Nelle and Ryan might work together to escape Pentonville. If she manages to go on the run, the theory is that she’d swoop in to take Jonah.

So far, there are no General Hospital spoilers confirming that a kidnapping is on the way. However, there are signs that this will come to a head relatively soon and that a lot of people will be involved in the truth finally emerging.

According to SheKnows Soaps, this will continue into the mid-August episodes. Shiloh will be feeling desperate during the episode airing on August 7, which is probably Wiley-related to some degree.

General Hospital spoilers have also been hinting that Franco might be the person who finally figures this all out, but that he also may soon end up in an accident or hit by a significant medical emergency that prevents him from telling people what he knows.

How much longer will viewers have to wait to see Michael discover that “Wiley” is really his son Jonah? General Hospital spoilers tease that fans will have to stay patient for a while longer, but that chaotic twists and turns on the horizon may finally force the truth out into the open.