Ivanka Trump’s ‘Swastika’ Sweater Photo Goes Viral On Twitter, But It’s A Fake Photoshopped Image

An image showing first daughter Ivanka Trump wearing a sweater that appears to have an image that looks like a swastika has been circulating around social media over the past couple of days. The photo has quickly sparked a fair amount of outrage, but it turns out, the image has been manipulated. The sweater Ivanka actually wore in this recent appearance had no such swastika design on it.

The image that has been manipulated and spread across Twitter shows Ivanka standing next to Douglas County, Colorado, Sheriff Tony Spurlock. The image was shared to Twitter by Spurlock on Monday, and Trump is wearing a sweater with blue along the top and sleeves, a white stripe, and black along the torso.

At this point, it doesn’t seem to be clear where the altered image originated. However, it has been posted by various Twitter users who note they are stunned and outraged that Trump would wear such a sweater. The altered image shows Ivanka standing next to the sheriff wearing the same outfit, but what is supposedly a Trump-related design along with the Trump name have been added to the black portion of the sweater.

The design appears to be the letter “T” interlocked four times in a way that certainly leaves the remaining black portion in between the letters looking like a swastika. As Snopes explains, this fake Trump logo has been floating around the web for a few years now.

Snopes notes that a variation of this supposed Trump logo first emerged in November 2015. Similar versions have popped up on other sites since then. It would seem that someone saw this initial photo of Ivanka earlier this week and seized the opportunity to manipulate the image to make it appear that it included this fake Trump logo.

While the image has been shared quite a few times on Twitter over the past few days, it also seems that most people are catching up to the fact it is a fake pretty quickly. Ivanka herself has generated headlines for a couple of other social media gaffes lately, but in this case, her swastika sweater shot is not legitimate.

As The Inquisitr noted, Ivanka came under fire for initially congratulating Boris Johnson for his win in the “United Kingston.” Shortly before that, Trump posted a photo of the new white dog she got for her daughter, and The Inquisitr noted that this post stirred up a lot of negative buzz as well.

It is not uncommon for Ivanka Trump and other members of her family, including President Trump, first lady Melania, and Ivanka’s brothers Don Jr. and Eric, to be trolled on Twitter for things they wear, say, or do. In the case of this supposed swastika sweater, however, the image is a fake, and the first daughter did not wear anything with this fabricated Trump logo on it.

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