Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Divide Royal Fans With A Birthday Message For Prince George

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry laugh together.
Peter Nicholls / Getty Images

Kensington Palace commemorated Prince George’s 6th birthday with a series of sweet photos that were taken by his mom, Kate Middleton. But the conversation veered far from simply wishing the young prince a good birthday, when fans started arguing about whether the message that Meghan and Prince Harry sent their nephew was appropriate or not, noted AOL.

“Happy Birthday! Wishing you a very special day and lots of love!”

This simple message in the comments section proved to be a huge point of contention among some royal fans. The outpouring of anger from some royal fans were then met with other fans who were in disbelief over any criticism.

The main arguments presented by the critics revolved around the apparent “disrespect” of wishing George a happy birthday in the comments section. Some argued that the couple ought to have posted a special birthday message on their Instagram page. Others added, “Please include ‘HRH Prince George’ next time as sign of RESPECT to the future King.”

On the other hand, there were plenty of fans who defended the message.

“I’m sure Princes William and Harry would be so pleased to see yet another person in their family being attacked by the media/public. Not like they haven’t suffered enough. This is beyond shameful,” expressed a fan.

“It’s just ridiculous and only reveals the prejudice people have for Meghan,” added another.

This is hardly the first time that Meghan or Harry have dealt with intense criticism about arguably benign actions. One example is when Meghan was photographed touching her belly a lot while she was still pregnant with Archie. The seemingly sweet photos were later heavily criticized by some royal fans, who claimed that she was touching her stomach “too much.”

Since then, the Duchess has also been criticized by the way she held Archie during a royal event.

And while the royals typically stay mum about any mistreatment by the public or the media, Meghan recently commented simply that “they don’t make it easy,” when speaking with Pharrell Williams about her relationship with Prince William.

And this isn’t to mention the previous rumors about her supposed strained relationship with Kate Middleton. Whether this birthday message was received badly by Kate and William is anyone’s guess at this point, there have been reports that the two have been bonding over motherhood.

Whatever the case, it seems clear that even with all of the haters, that Meghan and Harry have their own, strong fanbase that seem to have their backs.