Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran No More? He Reportedly Spends Night With Reality Star Ex-Girlfriend

Taylor Swift And Ed Sheeran No More? He Spends Night With Reality Star Ex-Girlfriend

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran might be over before they’ve begun.

After reports that the two singers spent the night together at Taylor Swift’s hotel just before the Brit Awards, it appears that Ed Sheeran might be back in the arms of his ex-girlfriend.

Ed reportedly invited Australian Big Brother star Camilla Severi to a party after a concert he played in Brisbane, the British tabloid the Sun noted. The two had dated last year.

Camilla reportedly met Ed at his hotel after the gig, then spent the rest of the night with him and his crew.

“They got together when Ed played in Brisbane last year. Their relationship didn’t last long but they parted on good terms and kept in touch,” a source told the Sun. “She has even visited him in the States when he’s toured over there.”

After the breakup with Camilla in 2012, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran dated for a while quietly before splitting to focus on their careers, the report noted.

That seems to have changed a few weeks ago. As E! News reported, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran hooked up on February 19 while they were in London for the Brit Awards. A witness said that Sheeran went to Swift’s hotel room and stayed there until about 4 am, looking “very happy” when he left.

“He looked very pleased with himself,” the witness said.

Already an established star in the UK, Sheeran made the move overseas with the hit song “The A Team,” which earned a Grammy nomination for Song of the Year. Sheeran also happens to be friends with another British sensation, One Direction, a group includes Swift’s ex Harry Styles.

If there is truth to the rumor that he hooked up with Camilla Severi, things could get a bit awkward between Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. The two collaborated on Taylor’s recent album, Red, and Sheeran is opening for her on tour for the album.