Trump Supporters Mocked Mercilessly For Buying Campaign’s $15 Set Of 10 Plastic Straws

Donald Trump appears at a campaign event.
Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

The Trump campaign revealed this week a new item for fans in need of some MAGA swag — a set of 10 red plastic straws, meant to stick it to liberals looking to ban the wasteful plastic straws.

The cost: $15.

The enormous price of $1.50 per plastic straw has drawn plenty of mockery, especially after Donald Trump’s campaign chief announced that they had already sold out of their first run of the straws. Brad Parscale announced the sales on Twitter, noting that the Trump 2020 campaign was already working with their manufacturer to produce more of the red straws.

His announcement was met with plenty of mockery, both for the Trump campaign for charging $15 for a pack of straws, and for the people who thought it was a good idea to pay for that.

“Grifters gotta grift,” one person commented on Twitter.

As Qz noted, the Trump straws were a backlash to the movement against single-use plastics, which environmentalists say are very harmful to the environment.

“There is no denying that single-use plastic straws litter our world’s oceans,” the report noted. “But Trump is wrong to politicize the inadequacy of paper straws as a replacement. It’s something we can all agree on, as Quartz’s Corinne Purtill wrote in 2018, in a completely apolitical post: Paper straws, she wrote, are ‘like carrying water home in a paper boat made by a child. They are like transporting rice in a fishing net.’ ”

A number of municipalities have moved to ban single-use plastic straws, and many retailers and restaurants have already decided to pull them from the shelves. This movement has been met with backlash among some on the right who see the environmental protections as too liberal and infringing on the rights of Americans to drink through whatever straw they so choose.

The Trump campaign has drawn controversy for its swag in the past as well. A viral photo showed a group of workers in a Chinese factory making “Trump 2020. Keep America Great!” banners, with a note saying that the Chinese factory was pumping out 90,000 banners for the Trump campaign.

It turns out the picture was half true. As PolitiFact noted, the picture was real and the Chinese factory was really tasked with making the Trump banners, but they were not for the official Trump campaign, rather an outlet looking to make money off Trump supporters.

There is no word yet on when the Trump 2020 straws will be available again.