‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina & Willow See Each Other In A Different Light

Craig SjodinABC Press

Nina Reeves and Willow Tait have been enemies from the moment they met. However, General Hospital suggests that these two women may soon be able to be in the same room with each other without being at war. Nina has already taken the first step and apologized to the school teacher. What’s next?

It all started with Charlotte when Willow talked to her parents about the girl bullying other kids, mostly Aiden. While Lulu and Valentin at first set out to fix things, Nina didn’t take too nicely to her step-daughter being called a bully. In fact, the Crimson editor took things way too far most of the time. She went after Willow with all she had. But now her attitude has changed over the past week. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicates that Nina will welcome a guest into her house the week of July 29. Could it possibly be Willow?

Next week’s spoilers tease that Willow has a change of heart. No other details are stated about what that could be about, but viewers already know that she is looking for a job and almost got one until she realized who she would be working for. Ms. Tait is no longer a teacher, but she does want to work with children. That brought her to apply for a job as a nanny. As fans had guessed, the job was a nanny for Charlotte Cassadine.

As soon as Willow saw Nina and Valentine walk in, she apologized and ran out of there. Later on at Aiden’s birthday party, Nina tearfully apologized to Willow for unknowingly being the one who blabbed about Wiley while Shiloh overheard her. Willow saw a different side of the one who has made her life difficult for months. She accepted Nina’s apology.

Nina found out about Shiloh’s charges and that he was trying to get custody of his baby. Once she read Willow’s name in the article, she put the pieces together. Now she is upset to know that it was her fault that Shiloh knows about Willow having a baby in the first place and putting Wiley in danger.

General Hospital spoilers for the next two weeks could be a strong indicator that Nina actually wants Willow to be their nanny, maybe to make up for what she put her through. If that should happen, that would mean that Willow would be living in their house at least part of the time.

With the ongoing rumors of Willow possibly being Nina’s long lost daughter, this would be the set up for the two women to form somewhat of a relationship before the reveal. This is, of course, still just a rumor.

Stay tuned in to General Hospital in the next couple of weeks to see if Nina and Willow have really set aside their differences.