Justin Bieber Cuts Birthday Short Because Of Jaden Smith, Underage Guests

Justin Bieber reportedly cut his nightclub birthday party short because of Jaden Smith.

Since the 14-year-old Karate Kid star was too young to enter the club, the “Boyfriend” singer decided to call the whole thing off. Other underage guests were also denied access to the festivities.

According to Entertainwise, Cirque Du Soir said Justin Bieber was only at the club for around five minutes. After Jaden Smith and his friends were turned away, the singer decided it was time to leave.

A representative for the club explained:

“We, like all clubs in London, operate a strict age policy. As a few of the members of the party were under the suitable age of 18, the security team at Cirque Du Soir, London, clearly explained this rule and refused entry to the club for anyone who could not provide us with adequate proof of age.”

The folks at Take 40 explain that Justin Bieber issued the tweet “worst birthday” after Jaden Smith and friends were denied entry into Cirque Du Soir. Although representatives apologized for causing a hiccup in the singer’s plans, they ultimately had no choice in the matter.

The nightclub said:

“We are very sorry, and understand it’s his birthday, but our hands are tied with local authorities and rules we need to follow as club to keep our license. We clearly didn’t want to give him the ‘worst birthday.’ He is a friend and previously was always welcomed with open arms.”

Justin Bieber's Birthday

The Inquisitr previously reported that Justin Bieber dropped around $20,000 on his birthday party at the nightclub in London. The singer’s circus-themed bash included several clowns and a ringmaster. Unfortunately for Bieber, he didn’t get to enjoy the festivities for very long.

Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith became friends after collaborating on a track “Never Say Never” for the Karate Kid soundtrack.

Although Smith didn’t get to enjoy the extravagant party inside Cirque Du Soir, he reportedly spent the rest of Bieber’s birthday with friends at the singer’s hotel.

What do you think about Justin Bieber’s birthday party getting cut short because of his underage guests?