'Avengers: Endgame' Deleted Scene Shows Thor Being Inappropriate On Asgard

Avengers: Endgame stands at an impressive three hours long, and it's amazing to think that there are plenty of scenes which have been left out of the movie to keep it from getting any longer. Fans were already treated to an extended scene after the re-release of Endgame in theaters, which featured Professor Hulk taking a phone call just before he meets up with Steve Rogers, Scott Lang, and Natasha Romanoff at a diner.

Now, during San Diego Comic-Con weekend, a new deleted scene has been unveiled from IGN's Twitter account, which takes place on Asgard. Rocket (who is still in the early stages of CGI editing) approaches Thor, who is peeing off a ledge inside the castle. Rocket encourages Thor to focus on their mission while hinting that the whole place is about to be overrun with elves.

Thor then proceeds to pull out a beer and discusses how difficult it is for him to be home. Rocket then asks for "the thing," which ends up being the device he uses on Jane Foster to extract the Aether (Reality Stone) from her body. Rocket then asks Thor which way he needs to go and is only given "I don't know" as an answer.

Rocket is shocked by Thor, seeing that he used to live there and all. Thor responds that he only lived on Asgard for 1,500 years and not "forever."

"We are dead. We are so so dead," Rocket says as the clip fades out.

The deleted scene is only one minute and 10 seconds long but didn't provide anything crucial to the plot. It was another moment involving "Fat Thor" that fans had already had a hefty dose of and didn't contribute much to the story. Other deleted scenes will be featured when the digital and Blu-ray copies drop over the next few weeks. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, continually reminded fans that the movie was edited over and over again with scenes being added and removed all the time.

In addition to the deleted scene, an HD clip of the beginning of the final battle scene was also released this weekend. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the HD footage begins after the portals open, just before Captain America says "Avengers: Assemble." The clip is just short of three minutes long and only features a portion of the battle.

Avengers: Endgame is available on digital copy July 30. Blu-rays hit store shelves on August 13.