Violent Homeless Crowds Attack Customers At New York City Coffee Shop

Homeless Crowd Attacks Customers

Violent homeless crowds have repeatedly attacked customers at a New York City coffee shop.

Think Coffee manager Matt Fury said the homeless crowds have attacked the shop’s patrons more than once. They have reportedly assaulted his customers with tables and chairs. Fury said the crowd often turns on itself during these outbursts.

According to the New York Post, Fury told police at a recent Sixth Precinct community meeting that these incidents always end in violence. The coffee shop manager was also displeased with the way police have responded to the homeless crowds.

Fury explained:

“We opened a year ago and the problems started immediately, where different people who hang out on the corner started asking for ice, asking for cups.”

The manager added:

“But as we became less tolerant they became more aggressive about not wanting to leave. We are really surprised at how often the [911] calls were just not answered. I went to the precinct and the cop at the desk showed me the list of 19 unanswered calls.”

CBS Local reports that Fury has grown concerned about the well-being of his employees. He also feels that others in the neighborhood might be attacked by the violent homeless crowds.

The Think Coffee manager said he understands that the homeless are part of the community. DNAinfo explains that nearby shelters are likely drawing people to the business. Fury said he cannot deal with the situation himself when things turn violent.

Although he has tried dialing 911 when the homeless crowds get rowdy, he said police rarely respond to calls for assistance.

Fury said:

“[We have] such a great relationship with the police at all of our other stores, we would really just like to find out why there’s no response. We really are just trying to bring attention to an issue in the community and not a specific one to our store, but something that’s not being addressed.”

In an effort to protect employees at the Manhattan coffee shop, the manager said he will shorten business hours going forward.

What do you think about the violent homeless crowds that have been attacking customers at a New York City coffee shop?

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