Man Arrested After Attacking Elderly Father With Birthday Cake

birthday cake used as a weapon aginst father

It was not a happy birthday for Haughton, Louisiana man, Kenneth Fulmer, who was arrested after attacking his elderly father with a birthday cake.

The Shreveport Times reports 44-year-old Fulmer had been arguing with his neighbor over an incident involving their dog and had gone out for drinks following the fight. Understanding his son was not in a good mood, Fulmer’s 77-year-old father, Jack went out to purchase his son a birthday cookie cake to “cheer him up.” However, Dad’s birthday gestures seem to have done the opposite.

According to the Lieutenant Bill Davis, a spokesperson for the Bossier Parish sheriff’s office, when Fulmer returned home from the bar intoxicated, an argument arose between father and son. Drunken and enraged, Fulmer assaulted his father with the birthday cookie cake. There are no reports as to exactly what sparked the family argument. The Smoking Gun reports, Fulmer smashed the cake over his father’s head. When Bossier deputy, Heath Balkom arrived on the scene in response to the disorderly person call, Fulmer’s father was reportedly “covered in the cookie cake.” Details on who made the disorderly person complaint to the sheriff’s office have not been revealed.

kenneth fulmer arrested for attacking father with cake

After attacking his pensioner father with the birthday cake, Kenneth Fulmer was arrested on one charge of simple battery of an infirm, a battery offense committed against an infirm, disabled, or aged person who is incapable of consenting to the battery. In accordance with Louisiana law, the charge attracts a maximum fine of five hundred dollars or a minimum imprisonment thirty days to a maximum of six months, or both. In addition to the battery charge, Fulmer was also arrested on one charge of disturbing the peace and drunken disorderliness. He was imprisoned in the Bossier Maximum Security Facility with a bail set at $15,150 for both charges. Bail was posted from an unreported source and Fulmer was released from prison after one night. Neither Kenneth Fulmer nor his father have issued any public statements after the birthday cake attack.