‘I Didn’t Say That, They Did’: President Trump Refuses To Take Blame For “Send Her Back!” Chant

As many, including Rep. Ilhan Omar, reacted to news that supporters of the President erupted in a chant of “Send her back,” about the Minnesota Democrat at a rally for the president Wednesday, the President placed blame on supporters for starting the chant, per ABC This Week.

When asked in the Oval Office on Thursday by a reporter whether he believed the chant that began at his Wednesday night rally in North Carolina put Omar in danger, the president was quick to tell reporters that he wasn’t a fan of the words.

“I disagree with it, by the way, but it was quite a chant and I felt a little bit badly about it,” Trump said.

The President went on to remind reporters that he wasn’t the one who started the chant, but that his supporters erupted in it on their own, per a video tweeted from the This Week Twitter account.

According to The Daily Beast, the President quickly switched the topic of conversation to the crowd size at the Wednesday night rally, though when a journalist questioned the president about why his supporters may have chanted “Send her back,” Trump said that the reporter would have to ask his supporters directly.

Rep. Omar gave an impromptu press conference Thursday on a busy street in front of the Capitol in Washington in which she accused the president of having a fascist agenda and expressed worry about her vision of the country in light of the attacks against her, of which many have deemed racist, per a previous report from The Inquisitr.

In an event that the House voted Tuesday to condemn, the president tweeted telling Omar as well as three other American-born members of Congress to “go back” to their ancestral countries. Omar was born in Somalia and came to the United States as a child as a refugee.

Trump has refused to apologize for his Sunday tweet, and has insisted that he is not racist.

Meanwhile, a House vote to impeach Trump failed on Thursday for a third time, per a previous report from The Inquisitr. Though according to a Thursday afternoon CNN report, Democrat Rep. Al Green, who pushed for the Thursday vote on impeaching Trump, said he would try again despite the 332-95 vote against it.

More moderate members of the Democratic Party, like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, have been against impeachment efforts, as they believe they are too divisive and have no chance of getting through the Republican-controlled Senate, per CNN.

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