Joe Giudice Doesn’t Always Take Teresa’s Calls: She Wants Daughters To Visit More

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice has been a single father for about two months, as his wife Teresa Giudice is currently serving her 15 months behind bars. One can imagine that Joe's world was turned upside down, when his wife went away. Now, he had to do everything around the house, support his daughters, and keep the income level up. And this may be taking valuable time away from the family.

One can imagine that Joe Giudice has been working outside of the home to make enough money to take care of his daughters. Since his wife has been locked up, her companies have not pulled in any money. And since the family is still owing millions due to their verdicts, one can imagine that Joe is going through a tough time.

According to new Radar Online report, The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice is possibly struggling to make the house run like it is used to with Teresa there, and he could be struggling to find time to get things done. At least, Joe's wife isn't too happy that he isn't there with the Giudice children every weekend to visit her.

"Teresa has hit a wall and she's feeling the blues because she's fully faced the reality of what living in prison and being cut off from loved ones means," a source has revealed about Joe's wife in jail,adding, "Time just seems to go by so slowly."

Part of the reason why she is upset is because she wants to see her daughters more and more, but Joe Giudice isn't taking them to see her. In addition, when Teresa calls home, he isn't always around with the girls to pick up the phone. Of course, going to the Danbury Correctional Institute in Connecticut every weekend may be a bit too much for Joe Giudice, since he has to work and make dinner for the girls.

"She lives for those visits and it upsets Teresa so much when they don't happen," the source says, adding, "There have been a lot of tears over it."

According to the Inquisitr, Joe Giudice is struggling financially over not having Teresa around. Joe now has to do everything, which can be quite draining. Apparently, he doesn't have enough money coming in. Some people have guessed that the marriage is doomed, due to the lack of phone calls and visits, but the Giudices have not addressed any rumors.

What do you think about Joe Giudice not making the time for his wife?

[Image via Bravo]