Kim Jong Un Wants Call From President Obama

Obama Call Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un wants a call from President Obama — at least according to cultural ambassador Dennis Rodman.

The former basketball player and newly-named cultural ambassador to North Korea announced that he has a message for Obama from the North Korean leader.

Yahoo! News reports that Rodman stated on Sunday:

“He wants Obama to do one thing: Call him. He said, ‘If you can, Dennis — I don’t want [to] do war. I don’t want to do war.’ He said that to me.”

Kim Jong Un has expressed his frustration with the United States over the country’s support of South Korea, as well as the sanctions the United States has helped place on the North. But despite this, it appears that the North Korean leader wants to talk to Obama.

Dennis Rodman also gave Kim some advice for talking with Obama. The former NBA player stated:

“[Kim] loves basketball. And I said the same thing, I said, ‘Obama loves basketball.’ Let’s start there.”

Fox News notes that Rodman is the highest-profile American to meet with Kim Jong Un since he took power in December 2011. Rodman’s visit also took place amid strained ties with the world’s most secretive nation. North Korea recently performed a third nuclear test — a move that frustrated the countries allies and others.

The US State Department distanced itself from Rodman’s visit, because of the strained ties. Along with saying Kim Jong Un wants Obama to call him, Rodman also asserted that Kim doesn’t want war. He stated:

“He loves power. He loves control. But guess what? He doesn’t want war. That’s one thing he doesn’t want.”

Rodman’s praise of the North Korean leader was the highest praise by a high-profile American. Rodman told reporters on Thursday, “I love him. He’s awesome.” On Sunday, the former basketball player added:

“No, I’m not apologiz[ing] for him. You know, he’s a good guy to me. Guess what? He’s my friend. I don’t condone what he does … [but] as a person — he’s my friend.”

Do you think President Obama will take Dennis Rodman’s advice and call Kim Jong Un?