Ann Romney ‘Happy’ To Blame The Media For Mitt’s 2012 Loss [Video]

Ann Romney on election loss

Ann Romney is “happy to blame the media” over husband Mitt’s 2012 presidential election loss.

The Romneys appeared together onFox News Sunday, with the almost First Lady revealing that she is “mostly over” Mitt’s 2012 loss, and saying that the media was unfair to him during his campaign. She said that she is “Happy to blame the media” for his loss.

“‘I’m mostly over it. But Not completely. You have moments where you go back and feel the sorrow of the loss, and, so, yeah, I think we are not mostly there yet,” Ann said.

She also mused on what it might have been like had Mitt Romney been elected president.

“I am like a shelion when it comes to defending Mitt. I know his heart, I know his abilities. I know he would have been a fabulous president and I mourn the fact that he is not there. It would have been much better for America if he had been there right now,” she said.

Ann Romney also blamed the press, saying that they never gave Mitt a fair shake from the get-go. She believes that the mainstream media contributed to his poor public image.

“He was not given a fair shake. People weren’t allowed to see him for who he really was,” she said.

She was then asked by Wallace if she blames the media for the 2012 election, to which to replied: “I am happy to blame the media.”

“I think that any time you are running for office you always think that you are being portrayed unfairly, and, you know, we — of course, on our side believe there is more bias in favor of the other side. I think that, you know, that is a pretty universal,” she said.

According to USA Today, Ann also swatted rumors that she was considering running for office herself, but confirmed that she had been asked by Dancing With the Stars to compete on the upcoming Season 16.

“I would’ve loved to have done it,” she said. “I’m not really as flexible as I should be.”

What do you think? Is the media to blame for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential election loss? Watch the video of Ann Romney’s interview on Fox News below, via Mediaite: