WWE News: Former Superstar Believes WWE And All Elite Wrestling Are Already Working Together

All Elite Wrestling has only been in existence for a little more than six months, while WWE has been in operation for decades. While it’s too early to tell, some believe that AEW can eventually be true competition for Vince McMahon in the world of professional wrestling. On the other hand, there is one former WWE superstar and former TNA wrestler who believes the two companies are already working together.

It may be hard to believe that to be true, but anything is possible when it comes to wrestling and companies working to better the industry. WCW and WWE were bitter rivals for many years, but one company ended up buying the other in the end.

Many promotions have come and gone, but none have ever been able to hold their own against Vince McMahon’s giant. Even though it is very early, a lot of fans and experts feel as if AEW is going to be the company that finally provides the type of old-school competition that has been missing for almost two decades.

While no one knows what will actually happen in the future, it is the knowledge of those in the business that form the best opinions. One former WWE superstar actually feels as if Vince McMahon is already working with AEW, and if not now, it’s going to happen soon.

WWE chairman Vince McMahon prepares to cut a promo on WWE Monday Night Raw.

Shelly Martinez stepped away from the ring and retired a couple of years ago, but she worked in WWE, TNA Impact Wrestling, and on the independent circuit. She has seen the ins and outs of multiple promotions and still follows along with the things that are going on in today’s world.

Martinez recently spoke with VOC Nation Wrestling with History, and talked about a number of topics which included AEW. When it came to discussing the new promotion, she had a very interesting thought process of how business is being done in regard to competition to WWE, as transcribed by Wrestling Inc..

“I think [AEW is] in cahoots [with WWE]. It’s all politics. If it’s not happening now, it will happen. What I do know that is fact from behind the scenes: Not everything is what it seems…”

Of course, there is no way of proving the things that she is saying, but Martinez insinuates she’s getting the info from someone on the inside. It’s not known who that person may be, but during her time in WWE and TNA, she worked with many of those who are now members of AEW.

Shelly Martinez is no longer an active in-ring competitor, but she does promote fantasy wrestling and is still involved with the industry. Things may not be known with certainty, but Martinez appears to have enough knowledge to state that she believes WWE and All Elite Wrestling are already, or will be, working together soon.