'Jihadi John': Should The Emwazi Family Be Exposed To The World?

Jihadi John, or Mohammed Emwazi, is progressively being exposed by the media to the public each day. Along with the unmasking of the once-mysterious face of the Islamic State, the Emwazi family is now being unmasked in public, as well. Should Mohammed Emwazi's family be exposed to the entire world because of his alleged actions?

NBC News reported Jasim Emwazi's workplace, where he lives, and even how much he approximately makes per month as a manager at a grocery storage depot. Mr. Emwazi's photo was published in the article, as well. While no interview was granted by Mr. Emwazi, his personal details were spilled out for the world to scrutinize.

Jihadi John's brother has also been named and scrutinized for his own actions and alleged sympathies with Islamic extremists. Omar has been in trouble with the law, often mirroring his older brother's actions. There has been speculation he could have become radicalized, based on his former Facebook "likes" and other information.

ONE News reported Omar Emwazi was approached by NBC News in London and actually ran away from the cameras, while four female relatives were chased out of hiding places and filmed driving away in cars with police escorts.

Mohammed Emwazi's mother reportedly knew her son was Jihadi John, but allegedly did not alert any authorities to the issue. Her hesitation to turn in her son was surely not the first in history, nor will it be the last. To condone her non-action, though, would be a slap in the face to the victims who may have lived had she revealed his name earlier. Or would another mascot for ISIS have stepped in to replace the now-familiar boogeyman and killed them anyway?

There have been relatives who have condemned Emwazi's actions after they found out Jihadi John's identity. A co-worker of Jasim Emwazi claims the father hopes God "will take revenge" on Mohammed for what he has done to his victims and to his family. Cousins claim they "hate" Emwazi for what he has done.

Some may argue that until someone from the family gives an actual interview or a strong statement, the public will have questions about where the family officially stands or how this could have happened to a man like Mohammed.

In the manhunt for Mohammed, should his family be thrown in the path of the public? Surely investigators should have access to his family, but should the media actively seek out innocent family members who are obviously trying to remain out of the public eye?

What do you think, Inquisitr readers? Should the Emwazi family be left out of Jihadi John's media spotlight, or is it an open free-for-all for the media in such horrific and outrageous cases like this one?

[Photo by Sky News]