Chris Morgan From Viral ‘Bagel Boss’ Video Seems To Relish In Newfound Notoriety: ‘I’m Famous’

Chris Morgan may be an angry guy living alone in a van, but at least now he’s a famous angry guy living alone in a van.

The Long Island man was the subject of a viral video this week after he was filmed going on an angry rant in a bagel shop where he railed against women on dating sites who mocked his height and eventually challenged another patron to a fight before losing immediately. The New York Post tracked down the angry man, finding that he seemed to have a strange affinity for his ill-gotten fame.

“I’m famous. A bunch of famous people are looking at my video,” he said.

Life hadn’t been great for Morgan before the video, as he was divorced and living in van that is parked in a lot with a number of other homeless people. He has apparently attempted to find fame through his rage before, with the report noting that he has a YouTube channel that shows him getting into verbal spats with convenience store employees and law enforcement, all over his height insecurities.

He has now found that fame, and it’s apparently been life-changing. Morgan said the video has even helped him do better with the ladies, which was his chief complaint during the bagel shop rant.

“I got girls hitting on me I don’t even know,” he bragged.

The video showed Morgan blowing his top while waiting for a breakfast bagel sandwich because he claimed that the female employees were making fun of his height. The viral video picked up after the confrontation had already started, so it’s not clear what remark may have set him off. But Morgan claimed that the employees were “giggling” and “acting like they were in high school.”

“It’s about belittlement, what she was doing! Giggling, all this crap!” said Morgan, still angry over the incident.

The angry bagel customer has found even more attention now, with a number of news outlets tracking him down and even more screen time. Inside Edition was able to snag an interview on the street — with many noting that the television tabloid appeared to send the tallest female reporter they could find.

The video of the confrontation has more than 22 million viewers on Twitter so far, leading some to uncover the other videos of his rage and opening up more opportunities for mockery. Morgan became the subject of many memes, including some that took his Inside Edition interview and raised his voice to sound like a Wizard of Oz munchkin.