Piers Morgan Changes His Tune, Defends Meghan Markle Against Mom Shamers

Laurence Griffiths Getty Images

Meghan Markle has been criticized by the public from the moment it was revealed that she was romantically involved with Prince Harry. She is scrutinized for every move she makes, including her fashion choices, and the way she presents herself in public. Unfortunately, the online attacks on the Duchess of Sussex seem to have only increased since she became a first-time mother.

Markle gave birth to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor on May 6, 2019. Since then, critics have tried to find even more reasons to pull her apart, now for her parenting techniques. Most recently, she was criticized for the way she was holding her new baby in new photographs, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

A recent candid photograph, taken at Prince Harry’s polo match, shows Markle carrying Archie, who is wrapped up in a blanket. The Duchess of Sussex is pictured in a long army-green dress and sunglasses. She clutches Archie to her chest, using one arm to support his head. One of his tiny feet is seen peeking out from under the blanket. Many mom shamers on social media slammed Markle, saying that the baby looked uncomfortable being carried in such a position, and that Markle looked inexperienced in the way she was holding the infant.

Of course, Markle is inexperienced, as this is her very first baby. Even Piers Morgan, a long time harsh critic of the Duchess of Sussex since her debut as a member of the royal family, was able to recognize this fact. Morgan has not held back in slamming Markle every chance he gets, openly admitting he doesn’t like how Prince Harry’s personality has seemingly changed since meeting her.

However, when he saw the new mother being picked apart on social media, even he felt a sense of sympathy for her. He acknowledged that it does take time to really figure out how to comfortably hold an infant.

In a move that was shockingly un-Morgan like, he defended the Duchess of Sussex.

“A strange emotion overcame me this morning: I actually felt sorry for Meghan Markle,” Morgan said.

“As I’ve made clear, perhaps too many times, I’m not a massive fan of my one-time friend after she rudely ghosted me since she met Prince Harry. But when I read the vicious reaction to photos of her awkwardly carrying her new baby son Archie at a polo match, a surprising pang of sympathy welled up inside me. She’s only been a mother for a few weeks. It takes time, and a lot of trial and error, to get familiar with how to comfortably take care of a baby.”