Former Trump Aide Sebastian Gorka Says USWNT ‘Wants To Destroy Everything That Is Wholesome In Our Country’

Megan Rapinoe and the USWNT at a ticker tape parade.
Al Bello / Getty Images

Former Trump White House aide Sebastian Gorka is apparently not among those celebrating the U.S. Women’s National Team’s World Cup win.

On his radio show this week, the British-born Hungarian-American political strategist took aim at the players representing the United States and claimed that the team “wants to destroy everything that is wholesome in our country.” The transcript of the radio show was published by the progressive watchdog group Media Matters, showing Gorka taking particular aim at Megan Rapinoe after she repeated the “hide yo’ kids hide yo’ wife” meme.

While the former top aide to Donald Trump may not have been up to speed with the viral interview that spawned the meme, he didn’t seem to take her joke lightly, calling for her to be investigated.

“Is this person clinically disturbed?” he posed.

“What kind of — if that’s what you think or feel, that’s bad enough, and you should be investigated. You should be examined, you should be interviewed, perhaps not just by police officers but by mental health professionals.”

Gorka then called on his listeners to be “part of the solution” and claimed that the members of the team were out to destroy the American society.

“They’ve gone insane, and they want to destroy everything that is wholesome in our country and in our Judeo-Christian civilization,” he said.

“‘I’m coming for your wives, I’m coming for your children’ — that’s what psychotics think, it’s what psychotics say.”

Gorka was widely mocked for misinterpreting the meme and for claiming that the women who represented the United States were somehow a threat to the foundations of American society. Many took to the internet to share the clip and trash Gorka, who drew controversy during his time in the White House for his ties to a Nazi-linked Hungarian fraternal group.

Members of the U.S. Women’s National Team have drawn some pushback from the right since taking home the World Cup title, especially after star Megan Rapinoe emphatically said she would not be visiting the White House if the team won. That prompted an angry response on Twitter from Donald Trump, and many allies on the right have joined in attacking the team that just repeated as World Cup champions.

God she’s unbearable….

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) July 10, 2019

That included British media personality Piers Morgan, who had been trash talking the USWNT during the World Cup and has continued to make several digs at the U.S. women since they won the tournament.