Kate Beckinsale Looks Unrecognizable With Bleached Blonde Wig For New Role

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Actress Kate Beckinsale’s 3.1 million Instagram followers were treated to quite the surprise yesterday when she shared a photo of herself with a dramatic new hair cut and color.

In the photo, Beckinsale is pictured lounging around behind the scenes on a film shoot. She wore a David Bowie tee on with some vintage vibes, neutral pink lips, and a stunning smoky eye makeup look that accentuated her breathtaking eyes.

The major change, however, was her hair. Beckinsale is known for her rich chestnut brown locks, and though she’s switched up the length from time to time, she tends to stick with being a brunette. In the picture she shared on Instagram, though, she has bleached blonde hair with an almost yellowish tinge. An inch or so of dark brunette roots are visible as well.

She accompanied the photo with one of her trademark hilarious captions. The caption Beckinsale used for this particular shot referenced a strange smell and a reassurance from someone she was working with that day.

Fans of Beckinsale’s brunette locks need not be alarmed, however. Many fans took to the comment section to ask whether Beckinsale truly made such a dramatic change, and she was quick to answer many of them. One follower asked, in French, whether it was Beckinsale’s real hair pictured or if she was wearing a wig. The multilingual actress impressed by responding to his inquiry in French, confirming it was just a wig by saying “perruque duh.”

Beckinsale added a hashtag in the photo’s caption that indicates the photo was taken while working on her latest film role in the action flick Jolt. In the movie, Beckinsale, who has sizzled before in the action-packed Underworld franchise, will be playing a female bouncer on a rampage, according to Deadline.

The film is being directed by Tanya Wexler, who revealed a bit more about the project in an interview with Deadline.

“When I saw that Kate Beckinsale was attached to play the lead, I jumped at the opportunity to make the movie. This is the movie for right now — a revenge-action film for every woman (and man) who wants to turn their inner ‘Thelma & Louise’ up to 11.”

Millenium Media, who are involved in producing the movie, commented on the project as well.

“Jolt is just that: a shock to the system, and this film promises to be a wicked cocktail of action, humor and style. I believe that this is the start to a fun franchise.”