Tatum O’Neal Chides ‘Tacky’ Duchess Meghan For Wimbledon Behavior

Actor Tatum O’Neal, who has spent many days at Wimbledon supporting her former husband John McEnroe, expressed that she was embarrassed by Meghan Markle’s “tacky” behavior at the All-England Club.

O’Neal blasted Duchess Meghan for having bodyguards warn fans not to take her picture at the Grand Slam tournament, reports The Daily Mail. The former child actor says that she had hoped that American Meghan Markle would be the next Princess Diana after she married the Duke of Sussex, but she explains instead Markle has made things all about her.

Markle’s latest controversy is about her recent trip to Court no. 1, where she said she was there with friends in a private capacity, despite the packed arena. BBC journalist Sally Jones explains that she was chastised by an “embarrassed” bodyguard who told her she wasn’t allowed to take photos of the Duchess of Sussex while she was in the stands in the royal seats.

O’Neal stated that Markle is not “getting it” about her role as the newest member of the royal family, while Kate Middleton has made the move look seamless. She shared that having your bodyguard stop people from photographing you is just tacky as a royal and even as an actor.

O’Neal believes it’s disappointing because Princess Diana was all about involving the people.

“It’s so upsetting to me because if you think about Princess Diana and how absolutely inclusive she was and how she would never turn anyone anyway, and I just had so much hope for Meghan, I wanted her to be the next Princess Diana and it seems like it’s all about her and it’s really upsetting me.”

She adds that Markle needs to realize that she’s no longer an actor, but she is a member of the royal family, and she needs to act like it. O’Neal believes that Duchess Meghan needs to check herself, because on one hand, she is spending the people’s money, and then she wants to decide when and where she is accessible.

“If you get the ring reset and you do a $400,000 renovation and you do the private jet to New York for the party; it’s not Diana. This is not Diana, this is something else. I don’t know what it is.”

O’Neal believes that Markle should take a hint from Kate Middleton and try some humility and respect for those who allow her to live this way and be pleasant while in public.

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