‘Jack The Giant Slayer’ Leads Another Reportedly Disappointing Box Office

Jack the Giant Slayer is headlining a weekend box office that is reportedly “bad across the board.” Despite quite a bit of hype and $200 million invested in the Bryan Singer film, it appears that this flick is slated to be 2013’s first real big budget box office bomb.

The Los Angeles Times has previously reported that early projections saw less than impressive numbers for the entire weekend. Of course, had one of its headliners, like Jack been able to bring in the crowds then it wouldn’t have been an issue.

The Times says that audiences who saw the movie before it was officially released were generally pretty positive about the film, but weren’t particularly excited about it.

Early projections had Jack the Giant Slayer‘s opening weekend to pull in about $25 million. That movie was expected to be followed closely by 21 and Over which was slated to get just about $15 million.

Deadline is now reporting that Jack might actually even come in under that low $25 million number. The studio had hoped to at least do $30 million on the first weekend. That estimate was also pretty low and now seems unattainable.

The movie is due to struggle despite the fact that it carries a fairly star studded cast. Ewan McGregor, Jack Hoult, Stanley Tucci, and Ian McShane all appear in the action/adventure flick.

The story is apparently loosely based on two old fairy tales, Jack and the Beanstalk and Jack the Giant Killer. Without a movie to really pull in audiences, recent estimates suggest that theaters are only going to make about $100 million in revenues.

That number is about 37 percent lower than the same weekend last year. The numbers that suggest Jack is going to be a bomb are based largely on bringing in just $7.7 million on Thursday night and Friday.

Will you go see Jack the Giant Slayer or is one of those movies that you might rent if you’re really bored some day?