John Waters Says Donald Trump Looks Like A ‘White James Brown Impersonator’

John Waters attends the Film Society Of Lincoln Center's 50th Anniversary Gala
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Writer and unofficial patron saint of Baltimore John Waters shared his thoughts on Donald Trump on the HBO show Real Time with Bill Maher on the “Overtime” segment, saying that he is the “trashiest” president ever.

The Raw Story reports that Waters was on the show with former Massachusetts Republican Gov. Bill Weld, and both men were adding their two cents about Trump. Maher read questions for his guests from viewers, and one asked what Waters thought of the president.

“He’s the worst. And he looks like a white James Brown impersonator now.”

Weld added that he would support anybody but Trump for president because he loves this country too much.

In a recent interview with Vulture, Waters explained that he actually loves the things that he makes fun of, but he doesn’t believe that is Trump’s philosophy.

“I think I love everything I make fun of, and certainly Trump does not love what he makes fun of. Although he used to be what he makes fun of. He was a liberal, wasn’t he? I mean. A little bit of one.”

But Waters believes that the difference is that Trump doesn’t make people laugh, and neither do most of the Democrats running for president.

Waters believes the only thing wrong with impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump is the possibility that Americans would end up with Mike Pence, read a 2017 report from Dazed Digital.

“I hope that, too, except I don’t, really, because I really, really believe Pence is much, much worse,” he said.

The issue to Waters is that Pence looks normal, but he is “the devil,” according to the Hairspray creator. Waters believes that Trump scared the public the most was when he acted normal while giving a speech and reading off of the teleprompter with no drama.

Waters also advised that people should think about what the country would get with Mike Pence in charge before pursuing impeachment against Donald Trump, such as Pence’s support of gay conversion therapy, along with the denial of protection for LGBT students.

The actor and comedian revealed that he doesn’t just dislike Donald Trump as president, as he “hated him” before he was even elected, per another 2017 report from New Now Next. Waters shared that his dislike of Trump goes back to before his days on The Apprentice, because he’s a “hopper.”

“A hair-hopper is someone who pretends they’re rich, who really wasn’t brought up very wealthy but now tries to brag that they’re rich, and they spend too much time on their hair,” Waters said.