‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Hits Chinatown For A Scene [Photos]

So The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will have at least one scene in Chinatown which involves a Daily Bugle truck and Emma Stone sipping on a cup of tea. Oh wait, that last one wasn’t actually a scene.

Director Marc Webb has been busy over the last several weeks, shooting all over New York City for Amazing Spider-Man 2. Last night, the production crew went to Chinatown, specifically Doyers Street near the Nom Wah Tea Parlor (where actress Emma Stone picked up a cup).

We’re not sure what kind of scene they were filming, but it looks like it was something dramatic/romantic between Stone’s Gwen Stacy and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker. Remember that in the sequel, these two are forbidden lovers and must hide their affection from the ghost of Denis Leary, or something.

One cool part of the shoot was a giant newspaper delivery truck emblazoned with The Daily Bugle’s logo. The Bugle didn’t have a real presence in the reboot, so maybe we’re inching closer to Parker’s future job in the sequel.

Anyway, thanks to the wonder that is the Internet, we have a ton of Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos, all from different sources. Credit for the street-level shots of Stone and Garfield goes to someone named sandiieeee, the sneaky overhead shots are from @n0thingOwns, and the Daily Bugle truck is from Julie Huang. Special thanks to SuperHeroHype for putting them all together, too.

Other Amazing Spider-Man 2 news you may have missed this week: The film finally cast itself a Norman Osborn. Chris Cooper will play the man that would be Green Goblin, but we don’t have any other details as to the size of his role in the sequel. We just know we’re excited.

Also, Shailene Woodley was recently spotted making her way to the set, sporting red hair, giving us our first look at the new continuity’s Mary Jane Watson. Again, we don’t really know about her role either. She’s supposed to just be making a cameo with the role expanding in future films.

Here’s the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 set photos, and a candid shot of cutie Emma Stone for you: