Lisa Vanderpump Reportedly Might Not Be Done With ‘RHOBH’ After All

Jerod HarrisGetty Images

Monday marks the final days of Lisa Vanderpump’s commitment to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and while the restaurant mogul doesn’t regret her decision to leave the show, she allegedly isn’t entirely happy with the way things are ending. According to an interview with HollywoodLife, a source close to the 58-year-old reality star says she is upset that her life is not being shown in the final episodes of the series, and that the reports that she won’t ever appear on the show again shouldn’t be taken “too seriously.”

People close to the show say that viewers shouldn’t count Vanderpump out of the show entirely, despite her claims that she is “1,000 percent” certain she won’t be returning.

“Lisa is saying she is done, but with time and maybe a cast shake up, the door could be open for her to change her mind. Nobody is taking her saying she is done for good too seriously,” a source said.

Apparently, the reality star is not satisfied with the way things went down on her last season.

“Lisa is feeling conflicted going into this week’s finale of ‘RHOBH.’ It’s a mix of emotions because it’s an end of an era for her and she feels upset that she will barely be shown, especially on a project she worked so hard on, VanderpumpCocktail Garden,” the source said.

That doesn’t mean she isn’t grateful for her nine seasons on the show, the source added. Vanderpump reportedly made a lot of new friends — and had a lot of laughs — while creating the show.

Still, Vanderpump reportedly has mixed feelings about leaving, despite the fact that it was her choice to end her run on the Bravo hit.

“Lisa knows it was her choice not to film with the other ladies,” the source said, adding that “she is still frustrated that more of her life wasn’t shown in the final episodes.”

That said, Vanderpump is seemingly happy that they did show more of her during this season’s finale.

Vanderpump has been clear that she is done with the show. Early in June, she told the Daily Mail that she was done with the show, and felt like it would be “impossible” for her to return at this point. Since then, she has repeatedly said she is not returning to the show for its next season.

The star does plan to continue filming Vanderpump Rules, and is working on her new Vegas lounge. She is also working on her Los Angeles hot spots, TomTom, SUR, and Pump.