NBA Rumors: Pistons Should Trade For Russell Westbrook, Chris Broussard Says

Pascal Le SegretainGetty images

The trade rumors are in full swing when it comes to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook, especially now that, per CBS Sports, the Thunder are “listening to offers” for the veteran guard, who has played his entire 11-year career in Oklahoma City.

The teams most often mentioned as suitors for Westbrook have been the Houston Rockets, Miami Heat, Minnesota Timberwolves, and New York Knicks, but one commentator thinks that the team that most makes sense for Westbrook is the Detroit Pistons.

Chris Broussard of Fox Sports appeared on that network’s Undisputed show Monday, per a video on the show’s Twitter account, and stated that Detroit should pursue a deal for Westbrook, in order to pair him with Blake Griffin.

Describing Westbrook as a future Hall of Famer and legend, Broussard said that “the one team that’s reportedly interested that I think should do it, is Detroit,” after stating that there are good reasons for Houston and Miami not to go for Westbrook.

“You’re in the East, so you never know,” Broussard said of the Pistons, who are in the somewhat less competitive Eastern Conference. “You have Blake Griffin and Russ. How would it work? At least one’s a guard and one’s a forward.” He then predicted that in the event of a trade for Westbrook, the Pistons would improve their recent position.

“Go get Russ,” Broussard said. “You’ll definitely be a playoff team. Maybe a second round team.”

Per The Inquisitr, different reports in recent days have indicated that the Pistons could emerge as Westbrook’s landing spot, after the Thunder traded their other star, Paul George, to the Los Angeles Clippers. The Athletic has listed the Pistons among potential Westbrook suitors.

Meanwhile, columnist Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press asked around to some sources, who told him that while the Pistons will likely do due diligence on a possible Westbrook deal while acknowledging likely roadblocks. For one thing, one of the players coming back to Oklahoma City would probably have to be center Andre Drummond, while the Thunder already have a similar big man in Steven Adams. Another source dismissed the Westbrook speculation as “ridiculous” and added that there’s “nothing there.”

Also on Monday, sportswriter Bill Simmons posted a fake trade to Twitter, using ESPN’s Trade Machine tool, which allows users to input fake NBA trades and determine whether they’re allowed under the league’s rules. Simmons’ deal had Westbrook and Adams going to Miami, with Oklahoma City acquiring Justice Winslow, Courtney Lee, Kelly Olynyk, and Meyers Leonard, with the Dallas Mavericks obtaining Goran Dragic and Abdel Nader.