‘The Young And The Restless’ Recap For Monday: Chelsea Leans On Nick

Sonja FlemmingCBS

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, July 8 brings the aftermath of Calvin’s death as Adam tries to reunite with Chelsea, but she turns him down cold. Plus, Theo and Summer try again while Paul tries to get Phyllis to tell the truth.

At Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan) suite, Paul (Doug Davidson) questioned her about Calvin (John Burke). Then, Chelsea took Nick (Joshua Morrow) up on his offer to stay at his house. At the door, Adam (Mark Grossman) wanted to follow, but Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) warned Nick to give Chelsea some breathing room.

Later, Adam pushed into Nick’s house and demanded to speak to Chelsea alone. After she assured Nick it was fine, he left to check on Christian, and Adam reminded Chelsea of their past. Adam said with Calvin gone, he, Chelsea, and Connor could be a family again. His forwardness offended Chelsea since Calvin just died. Chelsea confronted Adam about his lousy behavior since returning to Genoa City — taking Nick’s company and trying to get custody of Christian and threatening to take Connor. Chelsea reminded Adam he hadn’t hesitated to stab her in the back with Calvin even though Adam denied it.

Chelsea asked Adam to leave, and Nick backed her up. Then, Chelsea updated Nick about Adam’s conversation with Calvin before his death, and she worried that Adam would have a greater legal claim to Connor. Nick promised to go with Chelsea to tell Connor about Calvin’s death, and then Chelsea fell asleep.

Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, Summer (Hunter King) mentioned that she saw Theo (Tyler Johnson) with Ana (Loren Lott), and Theo let Summer know that Devon (Bryton James) hired him to work with Ana. Summer owned up to complaining too much about her ex and apologized, and Theo told her he missed her when he went to Austin. They decided to give things another try, and later at his suite, they made out and fell off the bed.

At Devon’s, Ana told Nate (Sean Dominic) about Devon hiring a babysitter for her, and he advised her to wait and see how things go as well as get a personal life. Later, she joined Theo and Summer at Crimson Lights, and Summer talked Theo up to Ana. On the patio, Nate ran into Elena (Brytni Sarpy) who was down about Calvin’s death.

Paul (Doug Davidson) caught Phyllis at Chancellor Park, and she told him that Chelsea is the one who hit Sharon (Sharon Case) over the head last year. Paul questioned why she would just now come forward with that detail, and Phyllis claimed it was because Chelsea had left, so there was nothing he could do. Before they parted, Paul told Phyllis he wanted to know the truth about her recent vacation. Phyllis advised him to focus on Chelsea and her husband’s untimely death, but Paul advised Phyllis there had been no foul play.

Finally, a fuming Adam found Phyllis at Dark Horse, and he vowed to get Chelsea back no matter what it takes.