WWE News: Jon Moxley Comments On Company’s Hiring Of Paul Heyman And Eric Bischoff As Executive Directors


Ever since leaving WWE in April and joining rival company All Elite Wrestling a month later, Jon Moxley — the wrestler formerly known as Dean Ambrose — has been very open about the years he spent with his old employer. As suggested in a recent podcast appearance, he’s also willing to talk about the changes currently taking place in WWE, including the recent hiring of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff as the respective executive directors of Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live.

On the latest edition of The Store Horsemen podcast, Moxley discussed several topics, including the “authenticity” that AEW brings to the table as a fairly new wrestling promotion. As quoted by Wrestling Inc., the former WWE superstar also believes that any wrestler, regardless of which company they work for, can be “great” if they’re allowed to be themselves — just as AEW plans to do with its talents, which also include several other former WWE superstars.

After acknowledging the allegations that WWE doesn’t give its wrestlers the creative freedom they deserve, Moxley commented on Heyman and Bischoff’s new roles in the company, explaining that WWE made some good moves by hiring them as executive directors. He added, however, that WWE also needs to let both executives show off their vision for their respective brands’ products without much input from company owner and chairman Vince McMahon.

“Paul Heyman is really smart [and] it sounds like that is a great idea,” Moxley said. “I just hope Vince lets them do their ideas. It’s not just [a] ‘I made him head of creative, but I’m telling him what to do’ type of thing.”

Talking about Bischoff’s potential influence on SmackDown Live, Moxley pointed out that he helped give the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling the upper hand against WWE in the “Monday Night Wars” of the 1990s, as he came up with the idea for Hulk Hogan to team up with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and form the villainous New World Order faction. He added, however, that Bischoff was also responsible for some less than impressive ideas during his time with WCW.

“He is probably pretty motivated to make you forget that part of the resume. The more wrestling that is good, the more fans that there are and the better it is for everybody.”

Despite how many wrestling fans have suggested that WWE and AEW’s burgeoning rivalry is reminiscent of the original Monday Night Wars, Moxley downplayed that angle, saying that AEW is simply out there to “[provide] a good alternative” and to show WWE fans that “there is a world” outside of his former company.

“It would be a fool’s errand to try and take them down,” Moxley said, in reference to any suggestions that AEW is out to put WWE out of business.