Mom Ordered To Cover Up Before Breastfeeding Baby On Plane

Breastfeeding -- a miracle of life that deepens the bond between mother and child. Or, if you're a flight attendant for EasyJet, a tasteless and offensive spectacle.

Gemma Leung, a 27-year-old mom, was flying the not-so-friendly skies from Spain back to the U.K. when an unnamed attendant saw that she was about to breastfeed her baby, 8-month-old Ruby-Bow.

(The two are pictured above.)

Rather than allowing things to get out of hand, the attendant stopped Leung and told her that she would have to cover up if she wanted to go through with feeding her child.

Shortly thereafter, a second flight attendant approached Leung and apologized, telling her that the initial flight attendant was mistaken on the policy and had been corrected, adding that it would be fine if she wanted to go ahead with breastfeeding her baby.

The apology wasn't good enough for Leung, who said she was "outraged" and added that the experience "ruined the whole trip for me and my mum. It's just not right."

Leung voiced her complaints to EasyJet customer care after the flight was over, but said that she hadn't received an apology when Metro initially reported on the incident. Opposing Views later updated with a statement from the airline.

"The crew member was immediately corrected by another member of crew who apologized to Mrs. Leung," an EasyJet spokesman said. "This does not reflect EasyJet's policy on breastfeeding."

The apology statement and the second flight attendant's apology aren't cutting it, however.

"I just don't want this to happen again and I want them to apologize to me... I was so shocked because we have used EasyJet for years and never had a problem."

While it is certainly understandable that one would be upset enough to not follow through with the breastfeeding after being singled out like that, some have felt Leung is taking it too far by not acknowledging or accepting the apologies that she has been given.

Also, commenters seemed to have a problem with the idea that a woman would not cover up while breastfeeding in public, with one at OV noting that she should show "some respect for yourself and others."

Retiree Sylvia Skinner agreed.

"I don't understand why a woman would want to expose her breasts, it's quite possible to breastfeed and still cover yourself, without covering the baby's face," she said.

But what do you think, readers? Should women breastfeeding in public make a point of covering the breast, or does the public just need to get over it?