Hannah Brown Plays Coy About ‘Bachelorette’ Ending, Won’t Confirm Whether She’s In Love As Rumors Swirl

'The Bachelorette' Hannah Brown poses ahead of her season airing
Ed Herrera / ABC

Hannah Brown is facing difficult questions about her current relationship status, as The Bachelorette spoilers hint that she may not have found the love she was seeking. Viewers will not get to see where things stand for Hannah and her final rose recipient until the two-night finale that is set to air across two nights on July 29 and 30, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not dancing around giving answers in the meantime.

Brown was asked during a quick chat on People NOW whether or not she is in love. That wouldn’t usually seem like a complicated question to answer at this stage of the season airing. However, spoilers for The Bachelorette regarding the progress of Hannah’s season do suggest that this isn’t exactly easy to address.

When asked if she is in love now, Hannah smiled and slowly expressed that she is happy, as she gave her trademark big smile. Brown said that doing The Bachelorette was a wonderful experience, but she admitted that it was also a struggle.

“I mean, there was a lot of ups and downs that I wasn’t prepared for… But I know that how everything happened was how it was supposed to and I can have a smile on my face now.”

Hannah added that while she should probably get her “fanny in a gym,” after eating lots of croissants, the experience was a lot to handle. She says now that nobody could really prepare her for the reality of it all ahead of time.

Brown added that it was emotionally draining to go through, “especially when you want to make connections, real connections, not just for TV,” but rather for her life.

If that sounds perhaps a bit loaded, there may be a good reason. As The Inquisitr has detailed, The Bachelorette spoilers have revealed that Hannah and her final rose recipient may not be on good terms at the moment.

At the center of those Bachelorette spoilers is the possibility that the man Hannah chose at her final rose ceremony may not have been entirely truthful with her. Not only that, but the buzz is that he may not have been all that sincere in making a real, lasting connection intended to carry over into his real-world life with Brown.

The Bachelorette spoilers have teased that things will get even crazier before Hannah Brown’s season wraps up, and fans are bracing themselves for what is on the way. Viewers are rooting for her to find lasting love, but it looks like she is holding back on revealing anything specific about whether or not she thinks she has found it.