Connecticut Democratic Removed From Deputy Speakership After Making Lewd Comment To Teen Girl

state represenative ernest hewett

Connecticut State Representative Ernest Hewett was removed from his deputy speaker position after making a lewd statement to a teenage girl. Earlier this week the Democrat made a reference to “having a snake” under his desk during a budget hearing.

A 17-year-old girl was addressing the group of Connecticut lawmakers about program offered at the Connecticut Science Center when Ernest Hewett made the comment which cost him the deputy speaker position, the Connecticut Post notes.

Before Connecticut State Representative Hewett made the “snake under my desk” comment, the teen had this to say to the group:

“I am usually a very shy person, and now I am more outgoing. I was able to teach those children about certain things like snakes that we have and turtles that we have. I want to do something toward that, working with children when I get older.”

Hewett’s said, “If you’re bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here,” according to hearing audio tapes republished by The Blaze. The state representative did not receive much support even from his own party after the lewd comment to the teenager.

Democratic Connecticut House Speaker Brendan Sharkey stated that it was difficult for anyone who heard the hearing tape to think the comment was anything other than “sexual innuendo.” Sharkey also noted that “disturbing” was the best word to describe the Ernest Hewett incident.

The deputy speaker position not only gave Hewett a more prestigious title, but also an extra $6,446 in pay each year. The Connecticut Democrat is currently serving his fifth term in the state house and was the mayor of New London before winning his statewide seat.

Ernest Hewett apologized for the lewd comment about a snake under his desk. The Connecticut state representative also stated he realized how the statement could have been “misconstrued” as a sexual phrase.


What do you think at State Representative Ernest Hewett’s “snake” comment to the teenage girl?

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