Patrick Tuter: Texas Police Officer Fired After Shooting At Suspect 41 Times, Killing Him

Patrick Tuter: Texas Police Officer Fired After Shooting At Suspect 41 Times, Killing Him

Patrick Tuter, a Texas police officer, has been fired after shooting as a chase suspect 41 times back in August, killing the man.

The suspect, 25-year-old Michael Allen, was killed after the high-speed chase in Garland that ended in Meqsuite, Texas. Allen had been wanted on suspicion of eluding police in nearby Sasche a few days earlier, NBC News reported.

Garland police spokesman Officer Joe Harn that when the officer fired at the suspect 41 times, he violated the department’s general order of use of force as well as its pursuit protocol. Patrick Tuter initially claimed that he opened fire in fear of his life, but a dashboard camera showed that Tuter actually rammed Allen’s truck, trapping him. Patrick Tuter then fired 41 times, reloading twice.

Tuter’s attorney is protesting the measure.

“The indefinite suspension was based upon alleged violations of the Garland Police Department’s internal, administrative policies,” the attorney said in a statement. “However, Officer Tuter’s actions were justified under this state’s penal code, and the indefinite suspension will be appealed under state civil service law.”

The killing has brought outrage from Allen’s family.

“He did not deserve the death sentence,” said Allen’s mother, Stephanie Allen. “Patrick Tuter was not judge and jury, and that’s what he made himself out to be.”

Monica Zabrano, Allen’s 22-year-old girlfriend, said after the shooting that she believed police specifically targeted Allen.


“I know Michael,” Zabrano told the Dallas News. “He would not try to hit a police car. Violence was not in his nature.”

“I believe they shot him because he’s gotten away from them before,” she said. “When Michael feels threatened, he gets out of there. He gets to where he doesn’t feel threatened. He was trying to get to where he felt safe.”

The Allen family is suing Patrick Tuter for firing 41 times and killing Allen.