Chihuahua That Looks Like a Baby Kangaroo

Victory the kangaroo dog

There lives in Dearborn, Michigan, a Chihuahua mix named Victory. She looks like an adorable baby kangaroo.

Victory was born with radial hemimella, a rare condition where parts of the bones in her front legs are missing. Apparently abandoned, Victory was found a few weeks ago hopping in someone’s yard on two back legs. A good samaritan took her to the Dearborn Animal Shelter (DAC) where her life begin to change for the better.

The animal shelter shared Victory’s story on its blog and in its newsletter along with a request for donations:

“Because of a birth defect, Victory’s front legs are severely malformed—measuring only a few inches with no actual paws. After evaluating her X-rays, our friends at Michigan Veterinary Specialists report that not much can be done for her surgically. Her medical evaluation continues, but it is our goal to make Victory’s life as comfortable and mobile as possible.”

Victory’s story got the attention of local media, and donations to help her poured in from around the world.

According to, the shelter needed to raise $2,000 for a combination of three orthopedic devices that would improve Victory’s mobility. The DAC has already received $7,000.

Elaine Greene, executive director of Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter told Today:

“We’re all very attached to her, and she to us, so we’re looking for a very special situation. Right now she’s acclimating fine in my household, but I don’t know that’s the right choice for her. I know it’s going to break my heart when she leaves.”


Lots of people have expressed interest in adopting Victory who Greene says is fearful of dogs, but likes cats. Dearborn veterinarian Linda Schrier told the Detroit Free Press that Victory might make a terrific therapy dog for children with physical disabilities.

“I think she’d bring a lot of people a lot of hope.”

Victory the Chihuahua who looks like a kangaroo