‘The View’ ABC Breaks Big News About Who’s Returning For Season 23

ABC has broken big news regarding which of its panel of hosts will be returning for Season 23 of the daytime talk show, which was cited by The New York Times as “The Most Important Political TV Show in America” in a recent feature article.

The announcement came after claims of unhappiness on the part of Meghan McCain, who has been the conservative mouthpiece for the show since 2016.

USA Today reported that a spokesperson for the network remarked, “The co-hosts and The View have had an incredible season and we expect them all back for an epic year ahead.”

This statement came after it was reported by CNN that, after two years, an emotionally exhausted McCain was considering not renewing her contract with the show. During her two seasons on the series, McCain has born the brunt of the backlash against the current Republican administration, despite not being a fan of President Donald Trump herself. McCain remains a conservative, but believes the Republican party can do better in the day-to-day running of government than the current administration is performing.

It will be one year ago this August that McCain lost her father, Arizona Senator John McCain, to brain cancer. She has spoken openly on the series and on social media about how she continues to mourn the loss.

CNN reported that two people familiar with the matter, one of whom is a friend of McCain and asked for anonymity, told the network that McCain “doesn’t think it’s worth it anymore.”

McCain has dropped several roundabout hints during the past few weeks on the series that she is unhappy taking a stand on The View as its sole conservative since Abby Huntsman went on maternity leave.

During an on-camera exchange with panelist Joy Behar in June, McCain stated, “It’s not a fun job for me every day… being the sacrificial Republican.” She then said to Behar, “I get that you’re angry that Trump’s president, like a lot of people are, but I don’t think yelling at me is gonna fix the problem.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that McCain had a meltdown on The View set after allegedly becoming upset during a commercial break, having mistook Willamette College of Law Professor Warren Binford for Sarah B. Fabian, a Justice Department lawyer.

The Daily Mail reported that, after the on-air gaffe, McCain became upset and cursed at Brian Teta, the show’s executive producer. ABC News would later have McCain’s co-host Sunny Hostin deliver a legal note of clarity in the final segment, in which she identified both women by their proper names and roles, and explained that they were two different women and two different topics.

The View is hosted by McCain, Hostin and Behar, and moderated by Whoopi Goldberg.

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